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Don't just write a book,
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Expert Editing, Design, and Illustration Services to Transform Your Manuscript into a Finished Book.

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What We Offer...

Do you dream of seeing your name on a published book? Modern Paperback makes it a reality. We are your one-stop shop for transforming your manuscript into a polished and professional final product.

Our experienced team of editors, designers, and illustrators will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. We offer a complete publishing package, including:

Complete Publishing Package

We offer everything you need to bring your book to life, from story editing and design to cover creation and audiobook narration.

Fast and Efficient

We understand your time is valuable. We'll work efficiently to get your book published quickly without sacrificing quality.

Award-Winning Expertise

Our team of experienced editors, designers, and illustrators will ensure your book is polished and professional.

All Completed Project Files

We provide high-quality finished project files compatible with Ingramspark, Amazon KDP, Kindle, Fire, and other book delivery systems.

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